Here at Rarefied Tennis we share our expertise in hopes that you will achieve your goals as a tennis player. We will honestly explain why you are having trouble with a stroke and help you understand how to fix it. All of our stroke models are built around physics. So when we relate your strokes to our models , there is no debate. Wether you upload a video or just want the knowledge, we can assure you it is correct. When it’s rarefied it must be.

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Rarefied Tennis is a knowledge base for tennis coaches to provide online instruction; and allows tennis players to share their experiences around the world.

You may share your thoughts and ideas, and find advices from the videos posted by other tennis friends like yourself. We would like to welcome everyone to enjoy what they love most about tennis. Whether it’s a private lesson for your child or for your family members, feel free to contact us to ask any question you may have.

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Rarefied Tennis

Tennis can be a very frustrating sport if you can’t improve. Is it a physical issue or a fundamental one. Maybe it’s just mental? Of course it has to be some sort of reason. It is known that tennis is a very fundamental sport if you want to be good, or for that matter, just want to keep improving. I’ve always asked players of all levels, if you had fundamentals like a pro , would you be a better player? The answer was always “of course ,100%”. Without a doubt, if you can hit the ball harder and more consistent, you will enjoy your game more and of course be a better player. This is where we fit in!! The secret behind developing effortless fundamentals is basically known to only a select few. This is how we came up with our name Rarefied Tennis

Pros become pros because of how they can hit the ball. Most amateurs (pupils of the game) don’t believe they can hit the ball this way because they think it takes some sort of special ability to do so. Rubbish, anyone can do it, of course not with the same power and strength yet, but the fundamental part. The knowledge we give you here focuses on understanding the reasons why you haven’t been able to do it, recognizing the source of your problem is the key to improving. See what you have been missing in your game or fundamentals when you look closer into Rarefied Tennis, this is where “Truth and Honesty always wins”.

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Message to parents

Do you find yourself wondering what’s going on out there on court?

Maybe your wondering why your child’s strokes look so different or interesting, thinking maybe that’s part of the learning process? Are you yelling at your child to try harder? Do you find yourself starting to be the coach, thinking you know more?

These questions and situations are happening all the time, all around the world, your definitely not alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure what’s going on?

Here at Rarefied Tennis we want all parents to understand more about the game, we want you to understand at least more about the basic stroke foundation. Understand the simple theory of our stroke models and what’s most important about them. This way you’ll feel a lot more comfortable and understand the progress of your child. You can keep an eye on the habits they are learning, and can make sure they avoid bad ones. You will have much better discussions with your pro and have a healthier environment together.

Our Team

Chris Lang, Head Coach

Head coach and founder of Rarefied Tennis. Chris has been in the tennis industry for 30 years. He has worked with all ages and levels from beginners to successful national players. Chris was a very good national level player despite never having a coach. His vision and natural abilities have helped him understand perfection in the fundamentals of tennis. Chris’ passion is to educate anyone who wants to achieve there own perfection in tennis.

Roozbeh Hashemiha, VP Hosting Solutions

Based in Toronto, Roozbeh has been in hosting and cloud service industry for the past 15 years. Graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa and having his background in system engineering, his main focus is design and maintain of Rarefied Tennis infrastructure systems.

Ren Wang, Solution Architect

Started his IT career as a summer intern from the World Bank at Washington, D.C., Ren developed many world class software systems and worked with companies such as IBM Canada, Reuters America, AIG, SWIFT, GE, Pitney Bowes and Nuance Communications. He graduated from McMaster University with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.

Ren started playing tennis at Indiana in 1996.