Tennis Backhand Motion

Vivian McGrath (17 February 1916–9 April 1978) was an Australian tennis champion of the 1930s. Along with John Bromwich, he was one of the first great players to use a two-handed backhand.

Christian Boussus (left) and Vivian McGrath (center) enter the center court of the White City Stadium in Sydney, Australia in November 1934

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The one-handed backhand has been used since tennis began in 1870s. The two-handed backhand was virtually unheard of until the 1930s, when Vivian McGrath became the world's first highly ranked player to compete using this stroke.

How would you react if I told you that a two-handed backhand is easier to hit than a one-handed backhand? What is you read that there is very little difference in reach between one-handed and two-handed backhands? I feel that both of these statemetns are true and though many traditionalists might argue vehemently against them, these arguments are outdated when compared to the findings of recent sport science research.